Branding & Logo Design

A brand goes beyond a logo, a selection of colours and a specific typeface. It’s the spokesperson for your company, the identifier that customers and industry peers will connect with your product or service.

When Palliser Furniture came under new leadership in late 2017, the goal was to move the company in a more sophisticated direction. In my work on trade shows and point of purchase materials, I began subtly shifting the visuals and voice of the brand to reflect a more elevated vision. Soon this became how our clients, partners and customers perceived us.

Randy Pitz, an accomplished consultant, had a service and a name, but needed an online strategy to properly market his abilities. I developed a package including a logo, a business card, social media banners, and custom video content to connect with potential customers.

I have worked on several brand packages for businesses of various sizes, from start-ups to established corporations. I have experience clearly identifying the needs of each individual client, and using copy and visuals to help tell their unique stories.