Leader’s Lifeguard Branding

I was asked by a management consultant with several years of experience to create a logo and brand for him to use as an independent. I wanted to create something that would make him look as established as any of the major consulting companies, but also emulated the energetic, enthusiastic spirit of his work.

I played with some different ideas and motifs; expanding on the lifeguard theme, toying with the two L’s that made up the brand’s initials, and exploring the benefits and drawbacks of blue and red. Eventually, we settled on the wordmark in a vibrant, confident red, and an icon that simulated upward momentum while maintaining a solid shape.

After the branding and business cards were complete, I went on to create a short animated infographic that he could share on social media, specifically LinkedIn, to act as an advertisement for his services and an explanation of why they’re necessary. 

I also created a physical brochure for him to pass out to potential clients, to give a quick overview on what he offers. Many of his customers are aquired through trade shows and word of mouth, so it’s useful to have something physical to leave an impression.

When it came to social media banners, I wanted to keep everything clean and clear while also taking into consideration how the logo would appear next to it on the different social media pages. I wanted the box used in the banner to be an extension of the logo to enhance cohesion on the page and further underscore the upward movement.