Harry Potter Party

For my friend’s 26th birthday, we decided to throw a themed party like the aging millennials we are. I took advantage of this to create some custom graphics and elevate the whole experience.

The first piece was a custom birthday ‘card’ styled like the Daily Prophet. I got our core group of friends to submit ‘articles’ with stories and memories. I also included a crossword and a horoscope section on the back. 

For a drinking game, I strung up ‘Hogwarts Letters’ on thread from the ceiling, and prompted guests to pull them at random. Once you pull a letter, you have to fulfill the task inside. Sometimes this is a great thing; you get to give out a shot or make someone else answer a question. Sometimes it goes the other way, with you having to take a drink or complete a dare. It’s a game of chance!

I also created custom scrolls with the party guests’ names, and used them to decorate the walls. I also mixed in some signs with popular Harry Potter ghost names. 

In addition to the above, we also had a 9 3/4 styled entrance curtain, bottles of alcohol with potion labels, a themed cake, a house point competition, a photobooth, and a Honeydukes candy bar.