I’m a graphic designer and illustrator with over seven years of experience working with a range of clients, from small startups looking for that killer logo to international companies with established brands.

I’ve filled my share of pinterest boards with perfectly polished logos and beautiful typography, but I prefer to gather inspiration from my daily interactions with design in the world. I’m interested in seeing how people experience design on a daily basis–when they’re choosing a drink from a menu or navigating a busy airport, for example–and identifying how the experience can be improved. 

My hobbies typically consist of grabbing an afternoon pint with friends, attending local events, and planning trips to new destinations. The one thing these interests all have in common? They’ve all been rendered impossible by COVID-19. Instead, these days, you can probably find me in a Starbucks drive through or taking my dog for a walk.

“Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because what you see can inspire you.”



January 2019–March 2020 | True North Sports + Entertainment
Graphic Designer
True North owns the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets, the AHL’s Manitoba Moose, and hosts a number of concerts and events around Winnipeg such as ManyFest and Flatlander’s Beer Fest. As a graphic designer, I worked on all properties with specific focus on the Manitoba Moose. During my time there I embraced their aim to use more video in their marketing and produced motion graphics alongside the traditional static assets and print pieces. 

March 2017–December 2018 | Palliser Furniture
Graphic Designer
As a graphic designer at Palliser Furniture, I conceptualized marketing strategies for new product lines and developed the graphics for April, July and October trade show displays, point of purchase items, and sales tools. I was also the lead designer for their website launch and trade show related ad campaigns

2014–2016 | Manitoba Law Courts
Website Administrator
As a part of the Access to Justice Initiative, I created an online presence for the Manitoba Courts, including a logo, social media accounts, and helpful tutorial videos.

2013–2013 | Manitoba Hydro
Graphic Design Assistant
For one summer, I worked for the graphic designer at Manitoba Hydro, creating marketing materials for trade shows, educational tools for schools, and advertisements. 


Graduated June 2014 | Red River College
Digital Media Design
DMD is a two year diploma program that applies traditional design principles to the the modern digital world. 





For a full resume, please contact me at tiajasmin.design@gmail.com.