ManyFest is a popular festival held each September downtown Winnipeg. The colours and typefaces were carried over from last year, but a good deal of redesigning was necessary to fulfill ManyFest’s needs in 2019 as it expanded to include new events and more real estate. 

The first task was to develop a new website. I worked with a web developer to create the current updated site, with new photography and improved usability. 

One of the big challenges of marketing this festival is the myriad of events and attractions that are involved. One of the ways I decided to tackle this was to develop illustrations to represent the different attractions, such as food trucks, carnival rides, live performances and beer and wine gardens. In addition to the website, billboards, social graphics, motion graphics, and a fold-out printed guide, I also created the way-finding signage to be used at the event.

I also created a short animation to be used on social media and at the event on screens between scheduled events.