Palliser Furniture Marketing

I worked at Palliser Furniture as a graphic designer for over two years, and in that time I created a number of marketing pieces for the company. I was there at a time where the brand was shifting; there was new leadership, new direction, and new marketing to reflect the company’s evolution. 

sleepers brochure
Web design


I developed this lookbook based on Palliser’s Fall/Winter photoshoot and upcoming trends. I wrote the copy, laid out the pages and worked with local print vendors to make decisions on paper type and print run quantities. I wanted this piece to be a helpful guide for our sales reps and retailers to better sell our product, but also as a useful trend guide for the industry as a whole.


In the summer of 2018, Palliser decided to pull all sofabed products under a single product line, and marketing was tasked with the communication of this to retailers and end consumers. I developed a new look and new messaging for the Sleepers program that fits with Palliser’s brand but also clearly delineates these products as something different.


In 2017, the marketing and IT departments embarked on the sizeable task of overhauling Palliser’s website to have a more consumer focused design. I was the design lead for this project, and developed several pages to act as a framework for the new website design. We wanted to implement a good balance of technical product information and broad brand messaging, all with a modern, minimal look.


I produced a number of eblasts while working at Palliser and managed the list of our retailers and industry partners. Often, the focus was an upcoming tradeshow which always coincided with product launches and new retail programs. 

In many ways, the furniture industry is still quite old school, and so we found taking out traditional print advertisements to be very effective in heightening brand awareness among our older clients and customers. These images are select examples of the many magazine ads I produced. 

As a graphic designer at Palliser, I got the opportunity to work closely with marketing directors, interior designers, product managers and web developers to market the product online and on the retail floor.