High Point Trade Show October

For the October High Point Furniture Trade Show, I worked with sales, merchandising, and product development teams to develop and execute meaningful graphics to promote key product introductions.

I worked with the interior designer to create defined spaces in the showroom to lead the guest through our varied product lines, conveying important technical information in innovative ways.

For this show, there was a directive to make the displays more tactile, to really show the options and materials available in our collections. I combined screens, fabric swatches, wood samples, typography and imagery to create eye-catching and memorable walls.

To fully brand our space, I developed point of purchase marketing items such as hangtags and brochures that would give extra information about the product on the floor.

We always ran into a challenge when showing our occasional tables at market. Since they stand only a few feet high, the area can tend to look a little like a warehouse, which is less than ideal for products that are meant to be sold on style. To combat this, we created stacked displays for the collections, and I developed graphics reminiscent of an art museum to draw the eye upwards and make each setting a destination.

I was responsible for all the copy writing, print pre production, material selection and installation as well as the graphic design elements.