Las Vegas Trade Show July

For Palliser Furniture’s July Las Vegas show, the interior designer wanted a cleaner, more minimal look so as to not overwhelm the smaller space (as compared to the High Point showroom). To match that direction, I created graphics to support our product lines that used icons, clean text and simple photography.

One feature of our chairs product line is the wide variety of styles. It also poses a challenge for the marketing team; how do you market a line with so many potential customer bases? Our answer was to connect each chair to a need or personality type. This quickly identifies a market and tells you a little about what kind of features it might boast. 

For some of our most functional products, it was important to me to explain why you would want the individual features on offer. 

I employed a lot of simple iconography and illustration to make every area cohesive and to allow the product to be the main focus. 

When a program was too complex or involved to convey on the wall, I created support materials for customers to flip through. These would also be offered to retailers to provide on the floor as a ‘silent salesman’. 

Pinnacle is a higher end line under the Palliser umbrella. To communicate what makes each piece special, I came up with the idea to hang multiple plexiglass signs parallel to each other with transparent images printed on each sign. When a viewer walks by, they would be able to see a headrest adjusting or the seating layers building up to form the final product. 

I conceptualized all displays, presented them, adjusted based on feedback, wrote the copy, created any icons or illustrations, communicated with print vendors, and finally installed them in the space.