High Point Trade Show April

In April 2018, I conceived, developed, presented and installed all the graphics for our 100,000 square foot showroom in High Point, North Carolina. I had to work with our interior designer’s vision for the showroom layout, and come up with copy, designs and materials to tell the product stories and define the space.

The entrance to our showroom is a vital area. To make a solid first impression, the interior designer went with a striking dark wall with contrasting product. My job as graphic designer was to establish the brand and show a taste of what the visitor will see in our showroom. I did this through a simple brand statement, and photographs of our different product lines with explanatory text laid atop them.

The image below shows how we carried this theme into our second case goods showroom, where we had limited wall space.

For this show, I decided to simplify the graphics (which previously incorporated a great deal of photography) and go with strong, defining statements that were meant to set the tone and put the focus on our product. This typographical style continues throughout the entire showroom.

Our open concept showroom sometimes makes it difficult to define different spaces. For our sleepers area, I created a wall of hanging banners with key brand statements and tranquil photography to help delineate them from the rest of the floor. 

To demonstrate the many features available in our high tech product line, I was able to have some fun with the display techniques, and find interesting ways to list the product characteristics.

The Timeline of Innovation, below, shows the research and development process our team goes through to bring each product to the floor. 

For the chairs area, the interior designer wanted to use podiums to add dimension and interest to each of the product lines. I assisted with hanging banners, which would offer more information about each category of chairs we offered. 

Overally, we received excellent feedback from our sales reps and executives, and I used this show as a springboard to create a new trade show graphics process for future events.