Homestead Hummus was developed by a couple of friends one night after the realization that their homemade hummus blew the store-bought stuff out of the water. They needed a brand identity that clearly differentiated them from the other local startups in the same space. 

This company is run by two young entrepreneurs, and I wanted the feel of the branding to reflect this. I looked to craft beer branding as inspiration when developing this identity, wanting something modern and cool. I always wanted a bowl of their hummus to look right at home on a picnic table next to a can of beer and a portable speaker; enjoyed by a group of friends hanging out by the lake.  

Below are some examples of alternate options I presented to the team, after we determined that a stylized bowl of hummus with strong, bold type was the way to go. You will also see the illustrations I developed as secondary elements for the brand. 

I always approach branding with practical applications in mind, and I feel my work on Homestead Hummus makes it clear why. A single logo without support will never create the same unity and clarity that a full brand–complete with colours, type, and secondary illustrations or photography–can.