The Manitoba Disaster Management Conference is one of Canada’s largest disaster management industry events. After running its 29th conference, the board decided it was time to overhaul its current brand and website. I was brought on to complete an entire overhaul of the logo and website. 



For the MDMC brand, I wanted to develop a type of signature border that could be used to frame information and photos. By using this frame in different applications, you can easily reference the brand without needing the logo to appear on every application, and highlight content important to the conference such as speaker profiles or dates and times.

Below, you can see the different directions I explored when developing this logo.

This frame also subtly incorporates the triangle motif from the original brand (top) in the corners. The choice was made to reduce the main logo to just MDMC, and have the full name only appear when necessary (external items like advertisements). This allows us to shrink the logo down and reproduce it in embroidery or foil printing.


The main reason for the website redesign was to improve usability, organize the information, and give the site a modern, updated feel that was consistent with their new brand. 

I took all the information that already existed on their site, and started from scratch with a full redesign.

I folded all the attendance related items, such as Agenda, Registration and Hotel Info under one page, created a destination for past conference information, photos and brochures, and created a place to fully profile all the featured speakers. The hope is that anyone attending the conference would have all the information they need prior to, during, and after attendance.

Here you can have a bit of an insight into my process, which begins with wireframes that I follow quite closely when building the site.