Run2Believe Charity Logo

Run2Believe is an annual 5K charity run in support of the St Boniface Hospital Foundation. It is the only run in Winnipeg that passes over the iconic St Boniface bridge. 

I was brought on to the Run2Believe project when it was in its infancy. They did not have much more than a name and a vision, so it was my job to visually communicate the Run2Believe concept to a city of runners with an already jam-packed three months (generous for a Winnipeg summer) of running events. 

I wanted to create a logo that people would be able to look at and immediately identify which city run it stood for. I began to play with motion and movement around a simplified skyline. I wanted something abstract enough to be unique, but instantly recognizable by anyone familiar with the city. Ultimately, the team moved in the direction of a full skyline with a feminine runner. I chose colours that would be cohesive with the Foundation’s logo, so there would be an immediate connection between the two.