The Lemons Waiting For a Train Album Artwork

The Lemons released their second album in the spring of 2019 and needed artwork that fit their musical style and personality. Drawing from a rich 20+ year band history and the album theme of locomotive travel, I created a full album artwork package.  

I started with the 12″ LP and the corresponding vinyl decals, as they allowed the most room to experiment and develop the ideas. 

Then, I moved inside the jacket to the liner notes, where I reversed the colours to a darker scheme and also incorporated more colour photography of the band. 

When moving to the much smaller CD size, I was presented with some challenges. The biggest difficulty was fitting all the content necessary in a much smaller space while keeping it legible. There was much discussion about which photos to leave, which to remove, and how to ensure the look and feel of the artwork was not compromised. When we decided to go with a jacket style that opened up, that gave us room to add more photography and also fit a larger liner notes booklet. 

The band held a launch party at the Park Theatre in Winnipeg, where t-shirts, buttons, magnets and other merchandise was sold alongside the album itself.