Trip Chaser Logo & Card Game Design

Trip Chaser is a travel-themed card game from Hectic Media, launched in 2023 to an enthusiastic response. Selling out within a matter of weeks, it has been featured in several national publications and broadcasts such as CTV, The Globe and Mail, and Forbes. I worked with Dalene and Pete to create the logo and brand work for Trip Chaser, as well as all the artwork for the box and cards. 

The first step was the logo and branding. I wanted to keep it simple and legible, but playful and fun at the same time. I chose colours that would contrast well with each other and allow me to build out a consistent colour palette for the rest of the artwork.

The card game allows armchair travellers to ‘visit’ a number of exotic destinations. I built the artwork in Illustrator, inspired by the look and feel of vintage travel posters. You can see all the destinations presented below. 

We also needed ‘event cards’, which would cause you to lose or win money based on the description. These were provided by the team at Hectic Media, and I laid them out on orange (good news) and red (bad news) backgrounds. 

We also needed money cards, in 500, 200, and 100 denominations. I placed the numbers in the corners so they could be easily viewed in a fanned pile. 

If you’re interested in purchasing a copy of the game, visit their website at:

Thank you to Hectic Media for allowing me to bring your passion project to life!