With 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Roberta Irvine specializes in developing small businesses to the full potential. Her business needed a recognizable brand that speaks to her expertise and specialization. 



My approach for this branding was to use bright, engaging colour and versatile shapes. I crafted the propeller icon to be abstract enough to avoid the industrial direction it could have headed towards, but still recognizable as a propeller. I didn’t just want potential clients to trust Food Propeller, I wanted them to look forward to working with Roberta as well. 

Once the wordmark was complete, I expanded the logo to three other icons that could be used as secondary elements in branding and layout. All icons use the same shapes and sizes, and show how you can create distinct imagery by simply adding more propeller blades. 

A propeller, the main icon for the brand.

A windmill, to represent industry experience.

A sunflower, to represent a focus on growth.

An orange, to represent expertise in the food space.

Below are some tertiary background elements to add colour and interest to a layout. They were inspired by groups of seeds, which are vital in the food development industry and also can represent growth potential. 


The Food Propeller website needed to be simple, clear and easy to navigate. The ultimate goal is for a visitor to know within seconds the services Roberta provides and how to contact her. The design of the website reflects this, with a simple call to action and a contact button above the fold. 

The contact page is a simple form that drives a visitor to reach out to Food Propeller directly. I also have a phone number and email address at the very top of the page, and social links in the footer. 

Below, you see how the main page goes on to show a resume of work from Roberta’s career right on the home page, in case the potential client had any doubts about her experience. We get a little more personal on the About page, with a full bio and history of work.